Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Confession #1 - I want to write a food blog (but you already knew that...)

When I went away to university I made it a point not to eat the typical University staples on a regular basis. Sure, I dug in to a box of Kraft Dinner every now and then (I still do for that matter), but I knew that developing skills in the kitchen was just as important as the skills I was learning in class. Fast forward to today, a number of years out of University (no need to discuss how many) and I find myself a 20-something with a deeply rooted appreciation of cooking. There's something really gratifying about creating something for your loved ones (or colleagues, or your loved one's colleagues) that you just know they'll enjoy.

If you go looking for it, you'll find a whole online community of home cooks, sharing recipes, tricks and tips with each other. Everyday, I visit the blogs of a few of these home chefs, looking for recipes, ideas and inspiration that will translate well to my own kitchen. These blogs are really great, and I really enjoy reading them, but each serves its own niche audience, and while I may partially belong to these, I think I really fit in to my own. So I thought - why not become a part of this online community and start my own blog? There must be other people out there like me, looking for the same things.

As one member of a double-income, no kids household (we're DINK's if you will) I face my own unique set of challenges. My spouse and I both work in busy corporate environments, and at the end of the day we're mentally drained and starving, and together we face the same question: What's for supper? All too often my spouse and I find ourselves calling up our favorite delivery place to answer that question for us.

What we want to eat should be healthy, cost-effective, easy to prepare and not leave the fridge full of leftovers. But you know what? It's a struggle to find and create a meal that is all of these things.

I'm not exactly sure what I want this blog to be. I guess, essentially, I want to share recipes that I think are really great, and tips and tricks that I think are helpful. I suppose if this blog accomplishes anything beyond that, it's just an added plus.

From my computer, where I'm thinking about what to make for dinner, to yours: Happy Cooking!


  1. Great blog and recipes Erin! When is broccoli in season? ;) I shared with Dom for "ideas"... !
    Curious: "All too often my spouse and I find ourselves calling up our favorite delivery place"... what would that be?

  2. Great Blog Erin.!! I enjoy reading it and trying yur recipes. I know first hand that yu are a terrific cook!! Keep on bloging!!